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Our Story

  • In 1977, Dr. Durakovic founded a Muslim community on the shores of Lake Ontario in upstate New York.

  • Approximately 20 people from various ethnic and religious backgrounds, who had embraced Islam, settled in Waterport, New York under Dr. Durakovic's leadership.

  • As the community grew, he encouraged its members to establish a mosque, and for that purpose they converted a 19th century farm house.

  • The membership of the developing community consisted of young people who were either single or recently married; primarily Americans and including a few Canadians.

  • A wide spectrum of skills and abilities is represented in the membership, and these have proved valuable for the community's various projects. Professional persons who found their way to the community include doctors, lawyers, educators, artists, business and trades people.

  • The community welcomes visitors from national and international locations and continues to grow.

Our Community's Impact

  • Since the Jamaat's inception, 30 North American families and single professionals have embraced Islam. 

  • During the years of it's operation, Project Life served 130 orphans  from Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ingushetia, Bosnia and Chechnya who received spiritual and emotional rehabilitation, ESL support, and  medical treatments as needed.

  • At present, nationally and internationally, 40 families are a part of the jamaat and 20 children from these families have graduated from World Life Institute Education Center and are pursuing or have graduated with university degrees.

  • World Life Institute sponsors a musical concert at the end of September to engage the surrounding community.

  • Members of the jamaat are collaborating with local colleges and universities to offer public health information on Global Nuclear Awareness through seminars, conferences, and continuing education online courses.

  • Currently, physical therapy is offered on a part-time basis at the Lakeview Medical Clinic.

  • Several publications from the jamaat membership include:  articles in peer-reviewed journals, internationally recognized books of poetry, as well as books that document the growth of Islam.

  • The significant role of the jamaat in North America is to spread the message of harmony.







Through divine generosity and inspired leadership, this small but thriving community has achieved new heights in education, science, literature and both local and world-community service following the guidance and example of Prophet Muhammed, SAW.

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